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Clarke's Cafe

Clarke's Cafe in Plaza Moraga, Binondo is the first ice cream parlor in the Philippines. It opened in 1899.…

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San Juanico Bridge

San Juanico Bridge, the country's longest bridge connects the Islands of Samar and Leyte. Built in 1973, the 2.16 km bridge crosses over San Juanico S…

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Filipino Menus

Kamayan and Boodle Fight

During early times, Filipinos used their hands to eat. This practice is called "Kamayan". But, due to the influence of western culture, eating with th…

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Filipino Products

World's First Bamboo and Rattan Roadster

The world's first bamboo and rattan roadster is made from natural fibers and material. It is Kenneth Cobonpue's solution to the growing demand for bio…

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Baclayan Mangyan Settlement

A reservation initiated by SVD missionaries, this settlement area is a short walk from the town proper. Here, visitors can purchase souvenir items han…

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Philippine Icons

Philippine and American Flag

The Philippine flag was heavily inspired by the U.S. flag The similarity between the two flags is not mere coincidence. As a form of “profound gratit…

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Philippine Biodiversity

Donsol and its Whale Sharks

In Sorsogon, there is a fishing town called Donsol that serves as a sanctuary for 40 whale sharks (Rhincodon typus). One of which is a species known a…

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Feast of Our Lady of Candles

The Feast of Our Lady of Candles in Jaro, Iloilo is the largest and most wealthy religious celebration in Western Visayas.…

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Breastfeeding World Record

On May 4, 2006, the Philippines has set a World Record on breastfeeding simultaneously. 3,541 Filipina mothers breastfed together to promote breastfee…

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Just For Fun

Challenge 21

Challenge 21 is an award-winning game created by Leonardo Mejia Yu of Malate, Metro Manila. As the name implies, Challenge 21 is a strategy board game…

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