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Sustainable Tourism

A Beginner's Guide to Zero-Waste Living

By: Kidlat Your metropolitan girl who loves ice cream and puto bumbong   Every year, around 18 billion pounds of plastic waste go into the oceans. A straw can be stuck in a turtle's nose. And recently, we've heard news of whales endin…
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Arts and Culture

Give the gift of volunteerism this Christmas

The last quarter of the year is the time when people spend time shopping and preparing for Christmas parties and reunions. But beyond the glitz that the holiday season brings, there’s another way of going back to the reason behind this occasion…
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Social Entrepreneurship

Learn the Process of Silk-Making at OISCA Bago City

By: Dalisay   Silk is one of the valuable commodities in early times. It is a symbol of luxury that an international trading route was established to transport silk across kingdoms, countries and borders. These days, silk can be availed more e…
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Travel Destinations

Lucky Sisters! Convents in Tourist Destinations

By: Diwata I love colors, books, stories, worlds, wings, pixie dust and you. It is, for some people, daunting to enter a convent. Imagine cutting yourself off from most parts of the outside world. Think of waking up in a structured day where all ac…
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Sustainable Tourism

Marja Abad: The Surfer Who Wants to Keep Siargao Clean and Green

By: Araw   Marja Abad is a travel bug and a nature lover. While studying in the University of the Philippines, where she took up B.S. Social Work, Marja joined the UP Mountaineers and pursued her passion for caring for the environment while en…
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