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What Makes Bo Sanchez Truly Rich?

Yapak PH / February 10, 2020

Many know Bo Sanchez as Bro. Bo, one of the most renowned religious leaders in the Philippines. He founded the Light of Jesus Family (LOJ), a burgeoning spiritual community, which holds weekly gatherings called The Feast within and outside the country. Aside from this, Bro. Bo is a motivational speaker who teaches Filipinos to reach their financial freedom, independence and abundance.

Like other successful men, Bro. Bo had it rough in the beginning. He used to be a poor missionary earning a measly P800/month. He started preaching at the age of 13 to a small group of people whom his mom gathered in their garage; and continued to speak in big and small events for free. Later in his 20’s, he published the Kerygma Magazine which he distributed for free because few to none bought them. This January 2020, Kerygma becomes Feast Magazine. 

In his 30’s, Bro. Bo changed his perspective when he got married and started a family. Wanting to provide for his family and ministries, he transitioned from being a poor missionary who hated money to a truly rich missionary who loves sharing his blessings. He became a micro-entrepreneur, running small businesses and doing projects that rendered him a total of 14 income streams.

In an interview, Bro. Bo said that what holds a person back from becoming truly rich are the lack of financial literacy and right financial mindset. Thus, as a preacher and spiritual leader who shares the Good News and practical ways to be a good Catholic, he expanded his teaching to financial abundance through proper financial management and stock investment. He also founded Truly Rich Club (TRC) – a private group of individuals on the road to becoming a millionaire while growing spiritually.

To be truly rich, this multimillionaire tells TRC members and his flock at The Feast to practice tithing, simple living and generous giving. He leads by example by supporting different ministries such as Anawim —home for the abandoned elderly, He Cares Foundation for street children, Grace to be Born for unmarried pregnant women, Pag-asa ng Pamilya —scholarship for indigent students, among others. 

Bro. Bo is also the author of over 30 best-selling inspirational books, and one of the few Filipinos who received the prestigious TOYM (Ten Outstanding Young Men) Award, Serviam Award by Catholic Mass Media Awards and Golden Gavel Award by Toastmasters. But his awards pale in comparison to the thousands of lives changed and many attest to have gotten out of poverty and debt and are now living abundant lives because of his influence.

Today, in his 50’s, Bro. Bo continues to reach out to his fellowmen teaching them how to become truly rich not just through his style of preaching but also through his way of life. 

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