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Probinsyana girl in the city

Yapak PH / April 19, 2020

Many may not aware of that Tarlac is known as the “Melting Pot of Central Luzon” and is considered as the most multicultural because of the diverse district group living in the province. It is also popular because of its exquisite food.

In one of the travels of Yapak PH, we discovered a dining place that proves Tarlac deserves the recognition. Tasting their scrumptious dishes, Pitas Mo Luto Ko Organic Restaurant is unquestionably one of the best in the place. No wonder it was awarded Best Organic Restaurant and Most Important Restaurant in Tarlac.


Out of the ordinary 

Pitas Mo Luto Ko Organic Restaurant promotes health and wellness by serving healthful dishes and teaching healthy living.

“My advocacy is health and wellness. We’re part of Pampanga Wellness Association. Our health is important. If you’re not healthy, your money no matter how much you have is useless,“ Cynthia Vidal Magtalas, Pitas Mo Luto Ko owner tells Yapak PH. 

Cynthia said that it’s important for people to really start considering their daily food intake. That is the reason why she started this food business —not to earn money. 

When people wonder why with only Php 199 per head for the boodle fight Pitas serves so much, Cynthia explains that this is her way to help people eat fresh and organic vegetables. We were eight in the group and were not able to finish the dishes served.

Pitas’ boodle fight offering consists of meat, fish, vegetables and fruits. The dishes genuinely taste Kapampangan.  Their specialties are pakbet and pumpkin with seafood. By the way, there are no utensils here. We ate with our hands —truly Filipino style.


Farm-to-table concept

“We promote a farm-to-table concept,” Cynthia added. 

This means they have their own farm. “We chose to plant our own vegetables because when buying vegetables in the market, we’re not sure if the chemicals they used are safe,” she explained. 

When you eat here, you are sure to be served fresh vegetables. You can pick your own vegetables. You can also buy freshly-picked produce from their farm. 

Pitas also wants to involve the community. “We want to teach barangays

to start their own garden and deliver their produce to us. That’s what we will sell and cook for our customers. This way, they also learn and earn,“ Cynthia explained.


Its beginnings

Pitas Mo Luto Ko was established last 2015 with only one hut and Cynthia started to plant vegetables around the property. Now, they have 12 huts to serve customers.

Cynthia recounted, “My Zumba friends visited me one time. They picked the vegetables and asked me to cook it. I got the idea from there,“

The hut concept like eating with bare hands is uniquely Filipino. Also, the idea of eating inside a hut is perfect for those who want privacy and don’t want to share a roof with other customers. It is also ideal for family bonding or with barkadas or any group since their concept is boodle fight.


More than a dining experience

Besides the healthy food they serve, Pitas also offers Zumba sessions every Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. 

“In our everyday living, we can’t just go eating and eating without exercise. That’s why we offer free Zumba,“ Cynthia said.

While the good reviews and awards they keep receiving keeps them motivated, their goodwill and the value they put in their business make Yapak PH believe in the good-hearted nature of the Filipinos. And we’ll like to promote them. 


Do you know of businesses with a heart like Pitas? Tell us about it. 

Pitas Mo Luto Ko Organic Restaurant 

Address: Brgy. Anupul, Mc Arthur Highway, Bamban, Tarlac

Contact No.: 0956-153-1144

                     Open daily from 8 am to 8 pm

FB Page: https://www.facebook.com/pmlkorganicvegetables/


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